The Lord is My Agent, and He Only Takes Ten Percent is an inspirational and biographical account of a former top model agent’s journey as a Christian working in the ‘scissor cutting’ fashion industry for some of the world’s leading fashion models!  From the daily grind of temptations and excesses in Paris, Milan, London and New York, we see a different side of fashion from someone who has lived it, and kept his eyes focused on God, even when he runs off course, while keeping his FAITH and, the Lord as his Agent!

The book details his rise to the top as a successful agent by following the principles of ‘PSALM 23’, which he used to guide him, with the good ‘shepherd’ as an analogy for ‘AGENT’, to highlight the world’s greatest agent in life, Jesus Christ.

I went from the island of Jamaica to the high-stakes world of fashion in New York, London, Paris and Milan as one of the world’s top model agents. Of course, I didn’t do it alone.

The one constant: his FAITH in and service to the lord, whom he credits with everything he accomplished.

The Lord is My Agent, and He Only Takes 10% is a memoir of the optimism and faith that helped a young dreamer find a home in a cutthroat business…and inspire others along the way.